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Where We’ve Been

In November 2015, I accidentally launched a campaign to be appointed to Canada’s Senate as a non-partisan senator.  Entirely intentionally, I then acquired – in quick succession – this site, business cards, buttons, and a fully staffed campaign bus to support what was then an unprecedented social media campaign.  I mean, no one had ever campaigned openly for a seat in Canada’s Senate.  Secretly?  That’s another matter.

Close-up of toy bus in Calgary snow.

In December 2015, the Government announced that it would institute a new process for receiving and reviewing applications for Senate appointments to fill the 22 vacancies.

In January 2016, the Government announced the formation of  the Independent Senate Advisory Committee.  I continued my social media campaign, garnering Facebook page likes and international support, and creating riveting YouTube videos.

Panamanian bus driver

In July 2016, the Committee called for applications.

In August 2016, I submitted my on-time application to be named as a senator from Ontario, my province of residence.

Schedule for Senate application in Google calendar format.

At the end of October 2016, the Governor General took the Prime Minister’s recommendations (I did not see that coming) and appointed the senators to represent Ontario. I was not among them (I did see that coming).  The campaign crew were, naturally, disappointed, taking briefly to dissipation for comfort.

Toy bus with red solo cup.

Where We are Now

The Senate is still an odd mix of distinguished Canadians and faithful servants of the political party in power when they were appointed, but now it includes a new batch of Independent Senators.  Opinions vary on whether they represent the diversity of Canada, other than demographically.  Opinions vary on whether they are truly independent.

We’re in for some interesting times as the Senate tries to accommodate a plurality of Independent Senators in a system designed to function with party caucuses.

Where We’re Going

In November 2016, I retired from proposal work, my career for the last 25 years.  Since I will neither be a senator nor a candidate for same, I’m repurposing this site to consider broader issues of Canadian government and citizenship.

Week to week, you can expect to see these things:

  • News on the Senate (I know! Gripping, eh?)
  • Public policy rants and musings
  • Links to public policy and governance articles

What’s Not Here?

  • Politics (well, not much)
  • Cute cat videos (sorry, not any)

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