This website is about better Canadian government through a non-partisan Senate
not just by “Independent Senators,” but by truly non-partisan ones.


The Senate is an odd mix of distinguished Canadians and faithful servants of the political party in power when they were appointed.

I hope we’ve seen the worst of the entitlement mentality that patronage appointments can foster.

I know we can do better.

Why Now?

One of the many tasks on the Prime Minister’s agenda will be to fill 22 Senate vacancies, and he has promised to appoint qualified people, using an advisory panel.

What’s Here?

  • Why I care about a non-partisan Senate – a belief currently taking the form of a campaign to be appointed as a non-partisan member
  • How you can support me and get the Senate you never knew you always wanted!
  • What’s happening, week to week:
    • Updates on my social media campaign
    • Things I’m learning about the Senate (I know! Gripping, eh?)
    • Public policy rants and musings
    • Links to public policy and governance articles

What’s Not Here?

  • Politics (well, not much)
  • Cute cat videos (sorry, not any)

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I know!  Gripping, eh?